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how we do organics


1928 – A.A. Kroeker founded Poplar Grove Farm in the Red River Valley, 6 miles south east of Winkler, Manitoba, Canada and only 6 miles north of the Canada/USA border. The sandy loam, left behind when this region was the shore of glacial Lake Agassiz, was well suited to specialty crops.

With creative imagination and a lot of hard work, the Kroeker family was instrumental in helping to establish Manitoba’s vegetable industry.

1955 – Kroeker Farms Limited was incorporated with A.A. and his nine children as shareholders. Many shares are now being distributed to employees.

2001 – The farm began converting some of the acres it farms to an Organic Production System. Certified by Quality Assurance International, nearly 2,400 acres are now farmed using organic principles. Methods used on the rest of the farm have seen adjustments using the knowledge gained from this initiative.

2002Potato Production begun.

2004Onion Production begun.

Currently – Potatoes, Onions, Hemp, Corn, Wheat, Barley, and Rye.