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how we do organics

How we do Organics

Organic farming requires a change from conventional schools of thought; away from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and round-up ready crops. Instead, we must focus on maintaining land, keeping nutrient contents balanced through careful crop rotation.

It encourages us to "think outside the box", to innovate and discover new and more efficient methods of accomplishing the thousand year old tasks of growing and harvesting crops.

As we have developed new techniques, we have discovered many of them to be much healthier for the environment. We are able to compost manure that would otherwise pollute, and use this nutrient enriched compost to fertilize weary soils. We have learned that careful care of land and crops allow us to accurately address weeds and pests. Instead of factory farming techniques in which bigger is always better, here at Poplar Grove Farms we see that special care always produces the best results.