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At Poplar Grove Farms our vision of sustainability extends not only to our immediate farm, but to the surrounding habitats of plants and animals. To this end we have begun an initiative to create a flourishing natural environment on our unused pivot corners.

Following recommendations from Agriculture Canada, Poplar Grove Farms has begun planting a biodiverse selection of trees and shrubs to provide food, shelter, and safe passageways for wildlife.

This endeavour not only benefits local wildlife, but also provides a haven for predators of harmful insects.

For example lady beetles, a natural predator of harmful aphids, need flowering plants in order to survive. By planting a large variety of plants able to house these predators we are able to create a natural facet to our integrated pest management system. Furthermore, trees and shrubs provide a defence against erosion, both through runoff and wind. A shelterbelt is an important windbreak while many species of plants assist in preventing soil erosion, especially important during the spring runoff season.

Wash Water Plant

In an effort to reduce our local environmental impact we have also begun a process to transform our previously dirty, wash water disposal into a process which now recycles wash water. This eliminates waste into sewers and the filtered sediment provides a fantastic source of rich topsoil to return to our fields, leaving us with a clean and environmentally friendly wash system.

Used Oil Burning Stove

Similar initiatives have been undertaken around the farm. Many of these projects come from the employees themselves. Here at Poplar Grove Farms we promote employee initiatives and provide benefits and incentives to new environmentally sustainable ideas. A primary example of this is our new, used oil burning stove, an initiative suggested by one of our employees.

Instead of shipping used oil and disposing of it off farm, we have converted our shop furnace into a used oil burning system. We now not only have decreased heating costs, but also have eliminated our oil disposal creating a better environment. By providing compensation and incentives to our employee we have in fact benefited our triple bottom line. We have decreased our environmental foot print while at the same time saved Poplar Grove Farms money and promoted social activity and employee involvement in our farm.