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The social facet of sustainability is also vital to the future of Kroeker Farms. Kroeker Farms began as a family farm, and here at Poplar Grove, we work towards keeping that heritage alive. By creating a strong community of employees who enjoy and are dedicated to their work, we are able to maintain an environment that benefits everyone both now, and in the future.

Here, we work towards sustainability through an emphasis on hiring, looking for employees with long term potential, as well as continually offering our existing employee's opportunities to grow, learn, and better themselves in all aspects of life.

  • Our employees are also actively involved in the local communities, whether that is church leaders or volunteer basketball coaches. By doing this, not only are we able to create a sense of community and positive affirmation, but we are also able to give back to our community and provide a strong, sustainable social future.
  • We also promote strong family values. One of our many family initiatives includes a free trip to camp for any employee's children. We have multiple camps in our local area, and pay for all expenses of any of our employee's children who wish to attend.